On our winning photograph, you can see Marco Tamponi together with Navid Saleki, venturing up the icy slopes of Aiguille Marbrees in the very heart of Mont Blanc Massif. The photograph was originally taken for Rab, you can read more about this assignment here.

If you want to get behind the scenes of a commercial photoshoot high up in Mont Blanc Massif, please click here. Moreover, FIY, all the submitted photographs were processed exclusively with Capture One 8 Pro software by PhaseOne.

Click here to learn about my photo processing workflow.

If you decide to purchase CaptureOne software, please use the following 10% discount code: AMBKAMIL

I want to thank my collaborators at G-Technology for providing with absolutely the best tools for the job! Please have a look at their new adventure-ready ATC drives.

As always big thanks to Degreef & Partner / Lowe Pro for excellent gear carrying solutions.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my partners at Photofuture for a constant support with great photo accessories.