When I got a call from Olav Verhoeven from P-O-K studio, I knew something big and amazing was coming. I knew it, as Olav is known for his outstanding high-end, cinematic documentaries (e.g. Whisky: The Islay Edition). After 5 min. of careful reading of the first version of the screenplay, I knew the Underwater Pixelguide was a project I would love to be a part of.

The Underwater Pixelguide is an immerse, cinematic production which is aimed at the enthusiast of underwater photography. As Olav explains:

In five chapters The Underwater PixelGuide explores what to shoot, where, when, why and who with.

In five more chapters it explores how to do that using camera, casing, color, composition and a lot of caution. Five W’s, and five C’s add up to an unequalled Underwater PixelGuide shot by three award winning underwater photographers and cinematorgraphers who let the amateur photographer in to all their secrets. From the smallest detail of preparation to the magnificence of oceanic amazement they show you the nuts and bolts of underwater photography, of painting with light where shadows rule.

The official premiere of Underater PixelGuide will take place on March 19th in Belgium. In the mean time, please find attached some nice stills from the production (© www.p-o-k.be).