Rab brand is renowned for producing outstanding quality clothing and sleeping bags, suitable for extreme cold environments and high altitude mountaineering.

The original ethos of Rab remains core to current product development; a strong focus on using functional designs and high quality fabrics to produce premium gear for mountaineering and polar travel. -Rab

Me and my partner, Lumi Toma (Life Nature Adventure) had a true pleasure to work on few assignments, for Rab. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see photographs produced literally in our alpine backyard, above Courmayeur-Mont Blanc used by Rab not only in their product catalogues but more importantly in the brand identity book, with the photograph of Marco Tamponi and Navid Saleki negotiating snowy slopes of Aiguille Marbrees with Mont Blanc in the background as the cover shot.

RAB Identity Book

I want to truly thank my friends, and fellow ‘mountain hobos’ for their stellar collaboration: Marco Tamponi, Navid Saleki, Squash Falconer and Jeff Mercier. Below, you can find attached some of the snippets from the identity book. If you want to see more client examples from our portfolio, please have a look on the tear-sheets section of our portfolio.