“Let there be light” is a comprehensive micro-documentary, aimed at enthusiasts of outdoor photography who are taking their initial steps with long exposure night photography in mountains. The video is 20 min. long and covers the very basics of the aforementioned technique. It is a “side-product” of 2 major photo assignments in French Alps (Mont Blanc Massif).

This video is not my achievement, but the effort of many great people. I would like to greatly thank, Lumi M. Toma for her fantastic and truly professional attitude on this assignment. Santiago Katz is greatly acknowledged for providing invaluable logistic support and awesome atmosphere.

We are sincerely grateful to Redged, Clik Elite, RAB, cameraland.nl, Photofuture, Eneloop, Lowe Alpine, PocketWizard, for their continuous support, and outstanding hardware solutions which make our work possible.

This is what probably the most important online photography portals say about our documentary:

Imprescindible clase magistral de fotografía de larga exposición en 20 minutos (XATAKA FOTO / Spain)

In the video below shot on location (as you’ll probably hear) Kamil shares a primer on night sky photography. In addition to the usual gear talk about cameras, lenses and tripods, Kamil shares some insights about planning for a spectacular shoot. (DIY PHOTOGRAPHY / USA)

In this video, a very cold Kamil will walk us through what it takes to create one of his gorgeous high altitude images. (FSTOPPERS / USA)

Är du sugen på att fotografera stjärnhimlen men har ingen riktig koll på hur du ska gå till väga? Här är en tjugo minuter lång video där fotografen Kamil Tamiola går igenom alla steg och de tekniska bitar man bör tänka på. (FEBER / SWEEDEN)

Professional photographer Kamil Tamiola, known for his stunning twilight landscapes, shares a few tips that can significantly improve the quality of the images you take in the evening. In the video, Kamil details the best way to approach and capture a photo at night. (LIFEHACKER / USA)

If you have 20 minutes to spare and would like to learn all about how to shoot long-exposure photos showing landscapes and starry skies, check out this primer by adventure photographer Kamil Tamiola. Titled “Let There Be Light,” the video steps through many of the fundamental aspects of long-exposure night photography, from choosing the right environment to choosing the right gear. (PETAPIXEL / USA)

If you’ve ever marvelled at gorgeous long-exposure shots of the night sky that seem to reveal every star in the heavens, you’ll want to set aside part of your lunch break for photographer Kamil Tamiola’s excellent 20 minute primer on how he captures such stunning imagery.(GIZMODO / USA)

Like most photography, long exposures are best learned by experimentation and trial and error. Still, it never hurts to have know some fundamentals if you are considering investing your time and resources into the art. Luckily, an experienced long exposure night photographer, Kamil Tamiola, has made a rather conclusive instructional video that answers some frequently asked questions. (PICTURECORRECT / USA)