Do What You Love

When National Geographic discovered Alpine-Photography by Kamil Tamiola on Facebook, it gave Kamil the boost he needed to turn the hobby he loved into a full-time career.

Posted by Facebook Stories on Thursday, 21 February 2013

When I received the first message from Facebook Headquarters, I thought somebody was making a prank. I have simply deleted it! Exactly one week later, a new message appeared in my inbox! An editorial producer at Facebook, asked me if we could have a telephone conversation. (I hope I don’t need to explain how excited I have felt). It was one of the nicest telephone calls I had in a long time. Not only because, the story of my photo career would be featured by Facebook, but more importantly, because I had a chance to meet and talk to a wonderful person, Jeffrey Gerson, from Facebook Stories department. (BIG, I mean BIG THANKS, Jeffrey. I truly wish I could work with more as communicative and pleasant people, as you are, Sir ;) ).

Just to cut a long story short, me and Lumi have been asked to prepare a max 3 min. long video featuring the crazy developments from the last 12 months. The only problem was, Lumi, was in Spain. Exactly 15 min. after the telephone conversation with Jeffrey, I have called Lumi, and very quickly briefed her about the recent developments. (Poor thing, spent the whole next day on travel back to the Netherlands). The video shared by Facebook, has been put together in 48h, thanks to great help of Roger van Zaal, Ed Dorrestein (Alkmaar part) and most importantly Lumi, who shot the 80% of the clip, both here in Groningen (home / university ) and in the French Alps.

I won’t bore you guys with more, unnecessary details. I have put this post together to acknowledge all these amazing people who during the course of the past 12 months helped me greatly in achieving my goals.

  • Lumi who has shown unprecedented level of professionalism, devotion, kindness and understanding! I You are the best and the most sympathetic camera operator, ever!

  • My dear friends, Antonio, Davide, Navid and Santi for their constant support, great help with projects (I owe you guys)!

  • Nikon Europe, and their awesome Marketing Team, who did find the time to listen to my story, and provided me with an amazing opportunity of joining the ambassador programme!

  • Pocket Wizard, especially Dave Shmidt, for listening to my story during Photokina, and providing with amazing new line of triggers, that make my climbers shine (literally)!

  • “I love climbing” crew, especially Gaylord, from whom I have learnt quite a lot about social media and marketing|!

  • Ed Dorrestein for mentoring, CameraLand crew, Redged Crew, ClikElite Crew for their photo equipment donations and invaluable product feedback!

  • Corrado Cabras from, for friendship, advice, and great support concerning Eneloop, Rotolight, iProLens!

  • Rab, especially Nikki Skinner, for constant support and outstanding outdoor gear!

  • and finally, you, my dear Facebook friend who stumbled upon this blog. The greatest prize I could ever wish for, is your feedback and a sign of appreciation. THANK YOU!